Stephen Jenkinson: Hope-Free

Stephen Jenkinson is my latest find of an explar of someone living and teaching a "fearlessness psychology" (as I call it)-- he truly speaks the wisdom of the path of fearlessness, the spirit of fearlessness and it is rare to find these days. "Our time [of global crises, global warming, etc.] requires us to be hope-free" (meaning, it requires us to be here with the present, in full-grief, not running ahead to a hopeful future 'better'... that he says, will not be the best way to be in this time)-- "hope-free" (his term) is exactly the kind of claim I have made for 30 years--that is, that we'd be much better off in the 21st century to practice fearlessness not hopefulness.

Listen to one of his talks on climate crisis (an excerpt):

If you have followed my work, I have long been a critic of the fear/hope trade (i.e., Massumi's notion of intractable and insipid "fear trade") that is exploiting us all and we are participating in, across all dimensions of society from religions to business ad governments colluding in this 'market' place of using human frailty... and much, not all of this exploitation begins and is surrounding the primal "fear of death" (and dying)) complex... (a la Jenkinson)

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