fear of pollution

For some time now I am concerned, critical, even outraged (a little) that the whole discourse on global warming, climate change, etc. is produced and circulated around words and terms and concepts that rarely if ever mention the word "pollution"--which, when I grew up in the early 1970s was the key word to identify all forms of human-made toxicity (substances and processes)--that's what ecological and environmental critics talked about. You just don't hear it hardly at all anymore--but, fact is, and the law is, "CO2" is a "pollutant"... etc. etc.

This small article clip from a 1987 school paper shows a young boy (John) sharing his fear... yet, I ask myself, what then? What do we do as a John, as a school teacher reading this, or a parent-- or a curricularist.... what do we do with what John has shared... speaking his truth... but I see that as only 1/2 of what we have to do in order to improve fear management/education on this planet... and then, there is the issue, I put in white letters... what happens when "fear" itself is a "pollutant" (analogous to CO2)? That's a whole other narrative our John and his teachers and parents likely have not considered.

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