Charles Eisenstein on Eco-Fear

There are more or less mature consciousness levels of fear management education (FME)--and, the teaching in this quote by Charles Eisenstein shows he is at least not on the earliest level of FME--thank goodness, because the world crises today require so much more complication and maturity.

I have long been a critic of the "save the world" (activist) discourses (and the people who promote it), and today organizations like Extinction Rebellion have culturally commodified, like many movements before them (e.g., Al Gore's "Global Warming" mission in 2004)-- a "solution" which is foundationally a reproduction of the very same motivational pattern ("mind-set") that created the problems they are trying to solve-- to 'save the world'-- an entirely new fearological criticism is available if these groups want to access it to improve their work... 

For a good short video on the eco-fear ("eco-anxiety") label and problem growing rapidly around the world, especially with youth, go to:

Now, "good" is not absolute either... the above film, trying to be helpful, is seemingly caught in the same problem of which Eisenstein (and myself) are pointing to here... what critiques do you have of this film?

And, another short clip on children/youth especially re: eco-anxiety (in Canada)

And, another worth looking at and critiquing:


Re: Eisenstein's own problematizing of whether he (or anyone) is caught on the rigid binary of being a "climate alarmist" or "climate denier"... see his short video

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