A Meditation To Dispel Fear

A Meditation To Dispel Fear


I’d like to provide a little handcrafted meditation that I use to dispel fear. Try it out!




Sit comfortably and relaxed with eyes closed.  Breathe naturally.


Imagine yourself submerged under the surface of a vast ocean.


Take a few moments to notice the current. It may be strong or it may be calm. Simply take notice and allow the water to carry you without resistance. Sit with this for a while until youve reached a point of comfort and calm.


Now, take note of the quality of the water. Perhaps it is murky, or perhaps it is crystal clear. Maybe the water is cold, maybe it is warm. Regardless of the water’s quality, simply take note and return your attention to your natural breath.


Send your gaze upward through the surface of the water to the bright sun high above. Take note of the surface and how it is distorting your view of the sky above. Continue to float with the current and ponder the sun’s warmth and light.  Take note of any clouds.


Slowly return your gaze underwater and straight ahead. In the distance, the dim outline of a large fish is slowly approaching.


Return your gaze to the sun and continue to ponder the quality of the sky above.


Back to the sea…the fish is closer now, and you see that it is a great white shark. Take note of whatever emotions may be arising within you and allow them. Return your gaze to the sky for a time, then back to the sea.


The great white is upon you now. Its mouth is agape with razor-like teeth. There is no escape. Return your gaze to the sun and allow the shark to swallow you.


You are now in the belly of the great predator, but your minds eye remains on the sun and sky. Allow yourself to pass through the shark’s belly and back into the sea.


The water is now clear and calm. The shark is gone and you are unharmed.  Return your gaze to the sun and allow yourself to gently float to the surface.


The air is clear. A great bird swoops down and gently lifts you, taking you back to shore.




I often include any perceived threat to be in my immediate vicinity as I do with the great white, allowing them to do what they will, and allowing the situation to pass as my attention is fixed upward.

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