The Earth is Suffering: Four Arrows' Video



New Video (3 min.) "THE EARTH IS SUFFERING" - an Indigenous worldview perspective on our current crises and how we need to change, by Indigenous activist-educator, and ecophilosopher, Four Arrows (2021) (Wahinkpe Topa aka Dr. Don T. Jacobs), who is also an FM ning long-time member and a colleague of mine [1].

NOTE: at one point near the end, he offers one of the virtues (e.g., "with respect" and others in the film) as "fearless trust in Nature" 

End Note

1. see Fisher, R. M. (2018). Fearless engagement of Four Arrows: The true story of an Indigenous-based social transformer. Peter Lang. 



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  •  One FM ning reader responded recently in an email to me: 

    Hi and thanks very, very much for this video. I shall always keep it and circulate it.  The federal Green Party of Canada is looking for volunteers to expand activities and membership.  The Green Party of Canada should lead our nation in stopping the commercial, destructive madness and stop supporting terrible behaviors. 

    I recently received a description plus photos from supporters of traditional Indigenous Peoples showing that all that lunatic Space X exploration entails the following on beautiful, pristine forested islands around Indonesia:  driving Indigenous Peoples off their lands,  destroying vast areas of pristine Nature, rendering the wildlife in that area extinct.  When the Indigenous Peoples there protest, they are arrested, jailed and some are beaten.  For Indonesian areas, the reason is for mining operations, to build structures supporting new space age technologies including infrastructures. 

     This also happens in other areas around the world.  I notice that this racism and colonialism are ever reported on mainstream news.... Never !  Mainstream news reports about robots landing on mars, about astronauts but never about the suffering Indigenous Peoples.  I really like that Four Arrows made this video because it can be circulated widely. I'm hoping The Green Party can raise this issue plus our need to change our ways. They do get publicity on the news. 

    I've been buying books by Indigenous Leader Arkan Lushwala who writes about ways we can change our thinking, believing and behaviors... 


This reply was deleted.