Glad to let you all know my new book with B. Maria Kumar is just published. I'll write more about it later. 




The current dominating worldview and its paradigms of operations are unhealthy and unsustainable. Ecological, economic, political and psychological health are at stake. As experts in a philosophy of fearism, they apply a critical perspective on the dominant Fear Paradigm as root cause of the global crises in the 21st century. They offer a worldview shift via the Fearlessness Paradigm. This is a second major book on this topic, of which the first was Fisher?s The World?s Fearlessness Teachings (2010). This follow-up book is deep, punchy and provocative. It points to the failure of the world to understand the spirit of fearlessness that has existed from the beginning of Life some four billion years ago. The authors, from diverse backgrounds, point to the resistances that work against the recognition and development of the natural ?gift? of fearlessness and the design of a Fearlessness Paradigm, both which can counter the abuses of the Fear Paradigm. With extensive research and philosophical thought, the authors dialogue in a fresh imaginative way to help readers and leaders in all walks of life to better understand what resistances they may have to escaping from what Fisher calls the ?Fear? Matrix.

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  • One colleague (reviewer) just pointed out there is an inconsistency in titles of PART VI (from brochure I sent out) to actual book pdf which has no PART VI appearing. A miss on the publisher and my part. 

    More substantively, this reviewer had read the PREFACE with great care and suggested it carries a tone that resonated with their experience and some other younger adults today, in that no one is likely to be too successful to just "think positively our way out of the troubles of the world" (their words). Indeed, my book here is filled with ways of challenging ideological positivism of many types; I adopt a "negative philosophy" framing for Fearlessness overall. 


  • Some initial responses from colleagues:  "The world desperately needs what you are writing." - Y.  "...yes, I'll pass this along. Your new book is really, really needed right now. I hope folks start realizing that a study of fear is crucial to managing ourselves as individuals in these times. There are many days, I can no longer watch the mainstream news, because is purposely dominated by FEAR! Your book re: Fear could really help with this as it would teach readers about FEAR and about COURAGE which is sorely needed. In your new book, you acknowledge that source of FEAR is the dominating worldview! That is really important.!" -C.  "This is lovely! What a gorgeous, compelling cover image. I wish you all the best…the world needs this so much." -T.  "Congratulations on your new book. Very timely and important work. Like you suggest in the brochure, fear is spreading like a virus."  -N. "You have always been a prolific writer, but the books are coming thick and fast! Exciting times to have our sensei getting his and others within the fearlessness community out there! Thanks Michael for all you have done." - M.

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