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Introducing Myself

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself in this context.  I am a counsellor living in North Vancouver, Canada.  Married with three children.  Have studied integral psychology for about 10 years.  In terms of fearlessness, I tend to orient to the psycho-spiritual aspects and also the biological/neuroscience aspects, so Michael's broadening of the frame to include socio-cultural and critical theory perspectives is really helpful and much needed.  

I have struggled with "anxiety" quite a bit in my life, and so this topic has a personal relevance as well as for so many of the clients that I work with.

I have used Ken Wilber's AQAL quadrants to come up with an inquiry-based approach to working with fear or anxiety at the individual level.  I have uploaded a visual summary of it here.

We need to address fear collectively as well, which is what Michael addresses in his work (and he does more than this, bringing in a developmental approach).  Still working my way through Michael's book on the topic.

I am looking forward to learning here, and seeing what might emerge at some point in terms of action projects.


P.S.  In integrally-informed contexts, my major strength seems to be as a connector.  Malcolm Gladwell writes about connectors, mavens and persuaders in his book, The Tipping Point.  I appreciate Michael's "maven" role in this context!

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