Four Arrows' New Book on Sitting Bull's Words



The above images are from Four Arrows' 2021 book (cover, and p. 15), published by DiO.

I wanted to give you a sample. Four Arrows and I have known each other (mostly online) since 2007. He is a scholar in Indigenous leadership and education and a Lakota initiated member. What is most important in this new little book, I highly recommend, is the simplicity of his presenting a very complicated theory of fearlessness he has been developing for over 35 years. I won't say more, but to encourage you to check out his work from many other publications as well. I have written several FM nings on and around his work and his CAT-FAW/N model. So, you can search on the FM ning (upper right search box) to find those... 


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  • In the Preface, the internationally-renowned organizational development consultant/author Margaret J. Wheatley, wrote, "The real gift of this book, small in size yet bounteous in teachings, is what it asks of us. We must step forward with these teachings and do the work of self-transformation. We must see our own filters and commit to practicing our way into Indigenous ways of seeing and being." (p. xv). 

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