Kathmandu, Nepal – August 19, 2018 – Osinakachi Akuma Kalu, a 25year old Nigerian budding Fearologist, was given the Tilmati Bhaybad Award 2018, an award given to those who have contributed intellectually in Fearism studies. This award was given to him by Prof. Dr. Tanka Prasad Neupane the Chairman of the Fearism Study Center, Dharan Nepal during the 2018 Interaction & Awarding Ceremony on Fearism at Hotel Hardik, Bagbazar, Kathmandu Nepal. He is the first African to receive the award and the third person globally to receive the award. The award was first given to Rana Kafle an Indian literary icon in 2014 and Rajendra Guragain a scholar from Nepal in 2107.

While praising Mr. Kalu’s efforts, Professor Tanka Prasad Neupane said,  ”Osinakachi is the author of two great books, “Conquering the Beast Fear” and “The First Stage of the Fearologist” which are being sold on Amazon. He is known for his critical unraveling of fear and has introduced and added three strong concepts in the Philosophy of Fearism lexicon- ‘defearing’, ‘fearontology’, and ‘fearocopy’. He is currently pursuing his studies on "Fear" through a scholarship sponsored by R. Michael Fisher, Ph.D. at The Fearology Institute in Calgary, Canada. Osinakachi is a Claretian Institute of Philosophy trained philosopher, and a fast developing fearist nurtured by The Fearism Study Center Dharan Nepal. He is hugely influenced by Desh Subba and R. Michael Fisher. We say congratulations to him.”

Mr. Kalu expressed his gratitude first to God the Almighty, who is the source of all wisdom. He also acknowledged all those who mentored him academically and all other aspects of his life. Kalu thanked his Penlords friends and urged them to keep on inspiring him to another level. Lastly, he thanked the Fearism Study Center for the award and acknowledged the academic drilling of Dr. R. Michael Fisher. Kalu strongly believes that the award was indeed an initiation into a new level backed with higher expectations.

Speaking about his plan to continue studying Fearology, Mr. Kalu said, “Fearologists are hugely needed to analyze issues in the 21st Century. Imagine a fearologist analyzing the actions of Kim Jun Un the President of North Korea and the responses given to him by Donald J. Trump? Some of their actions, statements and inaction, have left the world in a fear climax state. I think I have a lot to do. That is why I want to rigorously equip myself the more because of the battle ahead of me and the required mentorship to other upcoming fearists/fearologists.

Let’s take a look at my upcoming work; Fearism in the Age of Homo Deus, Fearological Analysis of Singularity and The Place of Man in the Teachings of Singularity. People like Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, Aubrey de Grey, Nick Bostrom, Kevin Kelly, Yuval Noah Harari and others who are making waves in the Techno-scientific milieu also pose fear consistently as a result of their teachings about man becoming God, and other forms of Singularity ideologies--simulation of the human brain with that of machines. Most of the acts at the Silicon Valley like aging, gen editing, and the fight to overcome death is a task that behoves on the fearologist to contend with. After the World War II, the fearful state of man increased. What becomes of a man when a machine devoid of rationality begins to exist? It appears I have much to do.”

According to Augustus Chukwu, the vice president of Penlords and Mr. Kalu’s close associate, fearologists believe that the power to conquer fear is not only an acquired trait but also a natural disposition that allows them to assess their risk factors and intelligently engage them when necessary. Mr. Kalu appears to embody this unique philosophical outlook.

About Osinakachi Akuma Kalu

Osinakachi Akuma Kalu is an Igbo by birth and comes from the Eastern part of Nigeria. He is an Administrator, Philosopher, and Fearist/Fearologist. He studied Business Administration and Management at Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, Nigeria. Later, Mr. Kalu joined the Claretian Institute of Philosophy Maryland, trained as a philosopher, and obtained two degrees in Philosophy; B.Phil., Pontifical Urban University Rome and B.A., Imo State University Nigeria. He has also done a professional program at the prestigious "FEARISM STUDY CENTER" in Dharan, Nepal. Mr. Kalu is a member of "The World Fearlessness Movement" and the founder of the Penlords.

To his credit are two works; "Conquering the Beast Fear: A Philosophical Cum Psychological Approach" and "The First Stage of the Fearologist," with a host of reputable articles on fearism.  He is a motivational and inspirational speaker. Currently, he is studying Fearology at The Fearologist Institute (TFI) Calgary, Canada under a scholarship.


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