This conference will take place in Bruges, Belgium in April 2019, close to where I live. I'm considering to attend it.

Topics for discussion include, but are not restricted to:

The politics and economics of fear: the far right/loony left; neoliberalism; corruption; espionage; Brexit; financial crisis; austerity
Fear and violence: terrorism; serial killers; murder; assault; GBH; war; civil war, social unrest; protest; WMD; nuclear proliferation; assault; dirty bombs; biological weapons; school shooters; gun control
Fear, society and culture: chavs/hillbillies/hoodies/punks/goths; immigrants/asylum seekers; cults; satanic ritual; permissive vs. authoritarian society; institutional racism/sexism/ableism/religious hatred; power; religion; history
Fear, commerce and control: big business; fat cats; teflon banks and banking systems; Anonymous; marketing; cartels; monopolies; the Illuminati
Fear and the body: contagion; vaccines; sexuality; mental illness; trauma; body modifications
Fear and the environment: climate change/global warming/extreme weather events; fracking; pollution; sustainability; food crises; water accessibility
Fight or flight: panic; attack; inaction; safe spaces/no platform/trigger warnings; anxiety
Fear and Sex: rape; sexual assault; sexual harassment; domestic and partner violence; paedophiles; sexual hate crime
Fear and gender: LBGTQI+; menstruation; women’s rights; female sexuality; (toxic) masculinity; #metoo/#notallmen; Incels/MRA/feminazis
Fear and the family: same sex parents; single parents; broken homes; child safety; loss of control; feral kids; anti-vaccine movement
Crime vs fear of crime: home invasions; ID theft; human trafficking; child sexual exploitation; rape; modern slavery
Fear and modernity: technology; change; the rise of the robots; internet/dark web; Millennium Bug; cyber crime; survivalism/preppers/stockpiling; surveillance; privacy
Fear as entertainment: horror films; literature; media; social media; the ‘Lexicon of Doom’; competitive scaremongering.

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  • Thanks Hugo for this info. I hope you can attend. This is no doubt a unique conference but it is not overall the first interdisciplinary Fear Conference. In Fisher & Subba (2016) Figure 1 Fear Conferences: 35 Years (p. 9), there is a summary (up to 2014) of these kinds of conferences. I'm pleased to see another one in Brussels in 2019. I believe these types of conferences are very important, often a book or conference proceeding, or theme journal issue is created from them so the larger public has access. I've yet to know of one of these conferences that has online participants. I'm also aware that there seem to be less and less of such conferences since about 2010. It is all something to keep an eye on and soon I expect there will be a Fear Conference put on by people on the FM ning. 

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