New Video on Fear Talk from Nigeria

I congratulate Osinakachi Akuma Kalu for his work in spreading fearology and fearism in Nigeria and beyond. His latest (first) video is now available where he talks about his own story of thinking and writing about fear and its influences.

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  • Great interview. The combined views of the study of fear will help  promote methodologies for vast understanding of fear concept by centralizing fear with an optimistic view and taking it out of a negative connotation to a positive one. The philosophy of Fearism where fear is no longer an abstract aids one to develop methodologies that will help us understand fear and more importantly apply behaviors that will help us manage fear.... ie get to a state of fearlessness.
     I am sure there is room for further discussions on how to eventually combine these various vital views and make them a part of education curriculum , because some of the methodologies I've studied and developed  in healthcare settings have  assisted patients to manage fears and they are rooted in strategic communication skills which are quite teachable.

    Thank you Dr Fisher and OAK for this piece.

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