Many "Courses" on "Fearology" and Fear Management

Any amount of searching on the Internet these days will produce a plethora of discussions about "fear" and how best to manage it, and/or eliminate it. Typically the focus is on individual psychological "fears." This latter focus, can be seen in what I call Sanitational Videos on Fear (i.e., Motivational Videos). I call them "sanitatiional" because they both produce a lot of "garbage" on the one hand, and produce an overly-simplified ("clean") version of the Fear Problem.

I find nearly all of these popular video teachings very biased and masculine-focused in perspective, based on behavioral-cognitive psychology for the most part, and lack any self-reflective criticality of their own way of knowing. In my critical integral-holistic theory of knowledge and approach to fearology, these are very inadequate to representing the full-spectrum of representations of the Fear Problem and its solutions. They maybe contain 25% of the truth. A long critique could be made of these, and it would be great if people on the FM ning would study these videos and critique them, the good and not so good in them. They get a lot of popular "hits" and "viewers" and that then biases how people will think about fear (fears) and fearology. 

I even noticed the other day a Sim Aulakh (Jan. 20, 2016) has published a 3-module "course" on "Fearology Video Course Modules" and it seems to focus all on "limiting beliefs" rather than an in depth examination of what we know (and don't yet know) about fear ('fear'). The Fearology Training Institute (FTI) will take a very critical perspective on these public teaching materials and methods of "fearology." Of course, that is all in the near future, if all goes well with FTI's development and support. 

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