Journaling today, with some impulses stirring (not the first time in my life), to continue the prophetic thread of what seems inevitable. It's a life with purpose triple-dose with vision. It's a 'Calling' as they say. It's an 'Invite' as they say.

July 8/16- [some editing for brevity]

I've been thinking of the military black young 25 yr. old that just gunned down five white cops and injured 7 other cops in Dallas, TX before being gunned down himself. Not that I want to focus on "poor cops" or "poor whites" for I surely do not, as the proportions when compared to what is happening in the USA against blacks and others of color is a much more important story of chronic oppression and fear and "hate" (as they like to call it here). I'm thinking that everything about this latest mass murder incident in the USA (could be anywhere too) is connected to Culture Wars of one kind or another, touched by religionism, racism, classism, sexism, mental healthism... [long list] and... some would blame it on liberalism, progressivism, on and on. But, yes, most here would call it a "Gun Problem" and my echo response has always been, it is a "Fear Problem" (traumatic and historical and part of the growing culture of fear in the land, in the world).

Call it what you will, and my task is to record my research "test" as a good ethnographer would in/with another culture they are living in and studying simultaneously. I record. No one is contacting me--the outspoken, well-published and tireless "Fearologist" on the block. Sitting here in this local, in this nation. No calls. No one wants my help. I'll assist for sure, but of course, I'll assist only through the frame of In Search of Fearlessness Project (my life purpose). That would frame everything I could offer, in analysis and solutions as part of the Fearlessness Movement (my life research). Just too weird all these people-- just too inconvenient--even the radical (so-called young people) I shared my work with for so many years--they, are 'silent'. No calls.

They say they want change and transformation. Supposedly.

Oh, but they also say, I hear and do not hear it so loudly--as a critique: "But Michael, your In Search of Fearlessness Project is so 'heady,' 'intellectual,' and not 'down to earth' for the people to pick-up on." I say, "Oh" ...

Then I say, but usually don't say: "To change and transform the world (even the Gun Problem) is very simple. To live another way completely than we do, so as not to feed the mess we're in is very simple." I could say a lot of things, as I often write about, and end with showing how complex it all is--yet, (r)evolution is inevitable. Stick in there.

It won't cost anyone a penny more than what you are spending in your life right now! I imagine that might be useful as an entry to get their attention on the practical side of the In Search of Fearlessness Project. For 27 years I've searched for other ways of saying this. Today, I say it this way: "It won't cost anything but a decision and once made, everything will follow--for example, your money and capital won't follow Fear's Empire anymore. That will free it up for you to spend on the (r)evolution, on what the spirit of fearlessness is asking of us to make a commitment to. All else, a flood of change will precipitate from there, my friends, I guarantee. Yet, you have to make that decision."

To make a choice to follow the world's Fearlessness Movement can be done now. The $$ and capital and energy will follow, and be re-directed exactly where it needs to be by these choice-makers, I'll call them today, the "architects of fearlessness"-- we will build the alternative society, brick by brick. It won't cost you a penny more than what you are spending today. Oh, but yes, you are right, it may "cost" you a lot of other losses. Look out the window, my friends, at your life. There are questions to ask of why you and I grieve--carrying the blood of so many murdered... on and on... today, in the news, and coming soon, the next day...

I envision this (r)evolution no different in 1989 (with co-founding In Search of Fearlessness Project) than today. The $$ and creativity will flow, and I see it in proportion to those who made the choice to follow fearlessness not fear any longer. I'll be a guide for as much of that as I can, and I know a lot about making that choice. I'll watch you go through withdrawl--your addiction to 'fear.'

This is the Fearlessness Mission.... in its most practical application: a choice. Then all practical things will happen, and I'll witness them with you--and, we'll witness them together as one after another makes this choice and re-directs their entire life ways. You all know the 'words' that go with that kind of change, that kind of transformation. I'll not repeat them and load up with all the 'baggage' those terms have collected and distract you or I from the mission set forth here.

Oh, and, you'll likely have to make the choice more than once (that's a joke)--it's difficult, yet, practical as you going out to find a meal for yourself today. That's exactly how practical the fearlessness path is. I won't listen much to all your critiques. I've heard them all in 27 years. I've heard all the addicts, believe you me I have heard them--they are masters at procrastination and rationales to continue drinking from the poisonous breast that kills their soul. And, that harms the World Soul.

You've been invited. I await.


More and more I realize the essence of my being, my research, knowledge and wisdom, is that which is colored and wrapped in Idealist philosophy (in contrast to so-called Realist, Pragmatist, and so on). The Idealist says, "Let's make sure the spirit is connected with, as an idea(l) and then a choice is made based on that honest knowing what is 'Right' and the 'Way' and then, $$ and materials will follow, not fear and practical concerns as most important, but spiritual concerns and the radical trust is that that release will explode into the world as idea(l)s and 'make' love with material and practical realities and realms, and then manifestations of the more "visible" kind will occur. Every religious order of some commitment has shown what is possible to build from an Idea(l). This is where I operate from. There's seemingly no other way to create the needed flood of change today, other than this route, although, sure one can do little steps in other ways on other routes. That's what I envision. Always have, since 1989, there would become 'real' and material eventualities, communities and services at every "Fearlessness Center" in every major town and city in the world. It's really that simple, all driven by one joining the Fearlessness Movement (by any other  name).

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