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Hi Kalu

Thanks for the reminder about this 40 day practice of listening to Ettinger. We actually reached the end of her videos and ended up at 12 days. This interrupted our practice and we will look at returning to it most likely in studying her writing which we did for a few years a few years back. It is time to return to her writing and art and I am happy to share that her art and writing has been making its way into North American. She recently had a solo art exhibition in New York City. Here is the full citation to the article we wrote linking our art with her theory and a link to it for any that are interested to read it. The article has a view of empathy and compassion that is not fear-based and is matrixial.

Fisher, R. M. and Bickel, B. (2015). Aesthetic wit(h)nessing within a matrixial imaginary. Canadian Review of Art Education: Research and Issues, 42(1), 76-93.

Aesthetic Withnessing Fisher_BIckel.pdf

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